Senior and Sixth Form

The Senior and Sixth Form caters for over 800 students from Year 7 to Year 13. Whilst some of our young people move from Year 6 to Year 7 within the Learning Village, about two thirds join us from other primary schools in Daventry and the surrounding villages. DSLV is a popular choice as our students make excellent progress and in recent years children have joined us from up to twenty primary schools each year.

The day starts at 8.45am with students moving to tutor groups within one of the five Colleges and lessons end at 3.15pm before after-school activities such as sport, music, drama and a variety of other clubs take place. We run additional learning sessions for students taking examinations at lunchtimes, after-school, during the holiday and on Saturday mornings.

High standards and a focus on achievement are a central feature at DSLV and therefore we expect all students to arrive on time, smartly dressed in the academy uniform, with correct equipment and with homework completed.

Our Values

We expect all of our students to do well and know that this will only happen if they feel happy and supported in our academy. At DSLV we use the words ‘nurture, aspire, achieve’ as an important part of our identity and have a well-deserved reputation for inclusion and achievement.

We run a system of vertical tutor groups (a mix of students from all year groups) so that young people mix and work with each other across the academy. This demonstrates our expectation that our young people have a responsibility for each other and should use their experiences to advise and support those who are younger. The tutor groups are organised into five Colleges based in particular areas of the academy so that students have a sense of belonging and can easily find key staff who they may wish to talk to. Our tutors are key people in the lives of students as they liaise with home, gather information from subject areas and write the main annual report on each student. Parents should always feel confident about contacting the Tutor if they have a question or would like to discuss the progress that their child is making

Learning and Achievement

Our priority is that students achieve above the national and local averages and make good progress. Our curriculum, based around four pathways is designed to support our drive for improvement by focusing on the needs of students. We have an Acceleration Pathway from the start of Year 7 for our most able young people; Foundation for those at Level 4; Curriculum + for those who would benefit from additional Maths and English early on, so that they can make rapid progress in these areas; and Nurture for children who need more specific supportive programmes.

Learning focuses on developing our pupils knowledge so they can make good progress at GCSE.  We offer a comprehensive A Level programme in the Sixth Form and prepare these students for University or Further Education. We encourage our most able students to be ambitious in their applications to highly ranked universities.

We expect all of our young people to work hard and do well and regularly track progress against targets, reporting on this to parents five times during the school year. This allows us to take action early if additional work is needed to ensure that young people make the progress that they should.

Each Young Person Counts

DSLV was the first secondary school in Northamptonshire to achieve the Inclusion Quality Mark. We have a well maintained and equipped site and are able to offer a wide range of subjects within the curriculum pathways. This allows the curriculum to be tailored around the individual needs of young people. We provide support for those who have additional needs throughout the academy. We expect all of our students to show responsibility for themselves and care for others. This is shown through our vertical tutor groups, the Academy Council, the Student Leadership Team and the extensive charity campaigns and fundraising that our students take part in. We are proud of our students and the many different ways in which they achieve and support others

Beyond the Classroom

We expect our students to demonstrate a high level of engagement both in and outside the classroom. We provide a huge range of activities after school, at weekends and during the holidays. These include sports teams, shows and concerts, clubs in subject areas (for instance, Engineering), exchange visits (to Sweden), trips abroad (recently to Italy and Uganda). DSLV students have taken part in national and international competitions. We have regular Curriculum Enrichment Days where we organise project work, trips, visits and other activities. Daventry Music Centre is based at DSLV and around three hundred musicians can be found practising and rehearsing in the academy on Saturday mornings.

Changing the World

A key purpose of DSLV is to make sure that our young people can continue to be successful in the future. We have links with business, with Further Education Colleges and with Universities. We encourage all of our students to aim high and be the best that they can be. Whilst there are many challenges in our world, those who have high standards, achieve to their potential, communicate thoughtfully, are creative and can work with others will be successful. Our aim is to ensure that our young people value themselves, other people and the world that they live in. The future is in their hands and it is our responsibility to make sure that they are well placed to shape it.







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