Psychology (2015 to 2017)

Quotes from students

“Psychology is so interesting and our class discussions are always entertaining”

“I really like psychology. It is great fun and I find it really interesting, although some bits are quite hard”

GCSE Psychology

We study OCR GCSE Psychology. There are 10 topics; sex and gender, obedience, memory, attachment, atypical behaviour, criminal behaviour, cognitive development, perception, the self and non-verbal communication. We also study how to plan, do and analyse research.

The course is assessed solely through external examinations; there is no coursework for GCSE Psychology. Students will develop the ability to describe, evaluate and apply psychological concepts, theories and studies. They will also need to know the principles behind designing and implementing psychological research.

We use a wide variety of teaching styles in psychology so it is accessible to any student and should challenge the most able. Students are expected to participate in and carry out psychological investigations as part of the course.

A Level Psychology

                Do you want to know why we go along with the crowd even when we know it is wrong?

                Do you want to know if offender profiling works?

                Do you want to know why we remember some things but not others?

We study the AQA Psychology specification. This covers the fundamental principles of Psychology in Unit 1 through topics including attachment, memory, psychopathology and social influence.

Unit 2 enables students to look at Psychology in context, through considering how research is done and the links between different areas of Psychology. The topics included in unit 2 are approaches in Psychology, biopsychology and research methods.

Unit 3 is completed in year 13 and allows students to take a look at a wider range of Psychological topic areas and the issues and debates associated with them. Topics that will be studied include: issues and debates in psychology, Schizophrenia, Forensic Psychology and Gender.

A Level Psychology is assessed through 3 written exams that involve extended writing and also the use of mathematics to understand and analyse research. Whilst there is no coursework in A Level Psychology students will be expected to participate and run psychological experiments.

A Level Psychology has a good history of results and we are proud to have students from DSLV go to university to study Psychology every year since we launched Sixth Form.


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