Health and Social Care (2015 to 2017)


GCSE Health and Social Care is studied at KS4 following the OCR Single Award specification. It is a popular subject for those who would like to pursue a career specifically within health care, social care or with young children.

The course is split into two units.

Unit A911 Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision (60% of the total GCSE) examines the following key issues:-

Who needs to use the care services and why?

How can people gain access to care services?

What types of care services are provided to meet client group needs?

What is the national organisation of health, social care and early years services? How does each organisation work together within the framework?

What can prevent people from being able to use the services they need?

What are the principles of care that underpin all care work? How are care workers influenced by government policies?

What are the main work roles and skills of people who deliver care in services? What is the qualification pathway for the different roles?

Unit A911 forms the basis of the controlled assessment and students will be required to complete the board set task. This will involve researching a local health, social care or early years service.

Students will be expected to apply survey skills to gather information (construct questionnaires/interview care workers/conduct primary and secondary research) so that they are in a better position to answer each set task with analysis-ultimately leading them to make a conclusion based upon their research.

Unit A912  Understanding Personal Development and Relationships is assessed as a one hour examination. (40% of the total GCSE) This unit studies the following key issues:-

How do individuals grow and develop during each life stage?

What factors affect human growth and development and how can they influence an individual’s health, wellbeing and life opportunities?

What factors influence the development of a person’s self-concept? What effect do relationships have on an individual’s personal development?

How can life events affect an individual’s personal development? What support is available to them during these times?

Throughout all of the key areas within each unit current affairs and topical news stories will be highlighted to bring to the student’s attention the daily pressures experienced in each organisation and how it affects the client.


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