Gifted and Talented Students

At DSLV, we believe that all learners should make outstanding progress, especially more able and gifted and talented students.

It is our intention that any student identified in Year 7 as being ‘more able’ should achieve 5A*-A grades in their GCSEs, whilst a student identified as ‘gifted and talented’ in a particular subject, should achieve A*/A by the time they complete their GCSEs. Students may be more able and gifted and talented in one or more subjects.

In Year 7, we identify more able and gifted and talented students through prior attainment data and CATs tests. This information is then shared with our staff via a register where teachers can add any names of students whom they feel are gifted and talented or more able, but might not have been identified previously. We regularly monitor the progress of students on this register and intervene where appropriate to make sure our students make the progress that we expect of them.  We recognise that not all students develop at the same pace. For that reason, students who become ‘more able’ during their time at DSLV will be added to the register.

Being more able or gifted and talented isn’t just about being identified at DSLV. We ensure that our teaching is as well-matched to the needs of our students as possible. Students are placed in ability sets and follow the ‘accelerate’ pathway where possible. Our students have appropriate extra-curricular activities to enjoy too which are run by different subject areas that are intended to develop a deeper learning in partnership with lessons.

Of course, we want our students to aspire to be the very best and realise that anything is possible. For that reason, in Year 10, students will be invited to visit Worcester College at Oxford University to discover for themselves what is possible if they continue to strive for their best.

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