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Although you may now have come to the end of your time here at DSLV or left us years ago, this doesn’t mean you have to lose contact with the many friends you have met here – or sever your links with the school. If you have not come across the term before, “alumni” is just another name for former students.  As a former student you automatically become a member of DSLV Alumni.

As a member of our alumni we hope you will continue to keep in touch with the school and log in regularly to our website. We would love to invite you back into school to tell us how you are doing and share your experiences with future generations of DSLV students to help and inspire them for the future. You could be a mentor and a role model which is not only a great conversation starter but will also be a great thing to put on your CV. Do you wish you had been able to speak to people in jobs and ask how they started their careers? By staying in touch with us you’ll be able to give this advice to younger students. 

For signing up former students go to: https://networks.futurefirst.org.uk/former-student/dslv

For signing up school leavers go to: https://networks.futurefirst.org.uk/student/dslv

Who are Future First? Future First works with school/sixth form leavers to keep you connected with your school to educate, inform and inspire current students about what they could go on to do. DSLV has signed up to Future First so that we can build a community of former students to help current students. Future First collects your contact information and uses it to allow us to stay in touch. Future First is a charity, so won’t give your contact details away to anyone. You’ll just get the odd text or email so you’re still a connected to your school and your teachers are in the loop about where you go next.



Senior & Sixth Form t: 01327 313400
Primary & Nursery t: 01327 313400 | e: enquiries@dslv.org.uk
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